La Grande Armee - The Campaigns of Napoleon in Central Europe 1805 - 1809

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This game is supplied in the manufacturers original  plastic compartmented tray and clear plastic inner lid that is specially designed to hold the gaming pieces. It has been punched but all component parts have been checked and it is complete. la Grand Armee was originally published in 1972

La Grand Armee - The Campaigns of Napoleon in Central Europe features:

  • Three entirely different campaigns
  • Five different army organisations
  • Leadership and control rules

1805. Napoleons first campaign in Europe is a finely balanced political situation. The superior French army arrives before Russian assistance to the outnumbered Austrians

1806. Now the ponderous army of Prussia faces the hard-hitting French. Equal contestants strive to trap each other in a decisive strategic error

1809. Austria alone combats Napoleon. A difficult campaign ensues between La Grande Armee and the greater and reorganised Austrian forces

The intriguing, fast playing game system of La Grand Armee (pioneered in Liepzig) simulates all these campaigns on a grand tactical level. A 22" x 28" two colour mapsheet shows all the important terrain. 400 die cut counters include the national armies: French, Prussian, Russian and two Austrian. Remarkably simple in essentials (movement,combat, supply), La Grande Armee presents comnplex problems involving military organisation, forced marches, strategic approach and concentration of r deciseive battles, cavalry screens, depots, supply trains, fortresses and the varying tactical abilities of the leaders

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