Korea - The Mobile War 1950-51

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This game is supplied in the manufacturers original  plastic compartmented tray and clear plastic inner lid that is specially designed to hold the gaming pieces. It is unpunched and all component parts have been checked and are complete. Korea was originally published in 1971

The Korean War is best known as a bloody, indecisive stalemate, reminiscent of the First World War. But for almost a year, at the height of the Cold War, a dynamic, see-saw struggle was waged in that small Asian peninsula between United Nations and Communist forces. Korea covers this early mobile stage of the war.

The Invasion game (25 June to 21 September 1950) begins with the North Korean People’s Army driving its South Korean counterpart reeling toward the vital port of Pusan.

The intervention Game (26 November to 27 January 1951) shows the startling impact the Chinese counter-offensive that drove the UN forces from North Korea.

The Stalemate Game (28 January to 23 June 1951) shows the development of the situation that lasted until the end of the war, as UN forces slowly grind the Communists back toward the 38th Parallel.

The Campaign Game includes all three. Die cut counters represent all the forces that took part in the original campaign. There are counters providing for naval gunfire, sea transport, amphibious landings, fortifications and supply. A special rule accounts for the amazing infiltration tactics of the Chinese armies.

Korea is a division level game of the action during 1950 and 51.

3 scenarios:
1) The 17 turn Invasion Scenario (North Korea invades the South)
2) The 9 turn Intervention Scenario (Chinese forces attack overextended U.N. units occupying North Korea)
3) The 21 turn Stalemate Scenario (U.N. forces gradually grind the Communists back toward the 38th parallel)

There are 255 Counters

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