Grenadier - Tactical Warfare 1680 - 1850

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This game is supplied in the manufacturers original  plastic compartmented tray and clear plastic inner lid that is specially designed to hold the gaming pieces. It has been punched but all component parts have been checked and it is complete. Grenadier was originally published in 1972

Grenadier is a company/battery/squadron scale game of warfare in the period of the dominance of cannon and musket. The game depicts sixteen famous battles from the introduction of the bayonet to the invention of rifling. Because of the tactical scale of Grenadier some of the battles are represented by crucial segments, isolated and simulated. For example the Battle of Waterloo (1815) is represented by the attack of Napoleon's Old Guard on the center of the British line, The Battle of the Pyramids (1798) by the attack of the Marmeluke cavalry on the most exposed French infantry. Several other battles such as Palo Alto (1846) from the Mexican War are covered entirely. Commanders represented include Marlborough, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Ney, Wellington, and Zachary Taylor. Some of the 16 battles depicted in Grenadier are Blenheim, Austerlitz, Marengo and Jena. Attacks are divided into fire (musket and cannon) and shock (bayonet and saber) modes. There are nine types of infantry units, three cavalry and five artillery. Grenadiers combat resolution systems depends less on chance (die rolls) than any game then yet developed.

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