Used: The King's War - The First English Civil War 1642 - 1646

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The King's War - The English Civil War 1642 - 1646

This is a two player operational simulation of the English Civil War. Forces are represented by regiments of Foot (1000 men) and of Horse (700 men) while the dramitis personae of the times are portrayed with their own counters. Each individual Leader is rated for his (and her) seniority, army handling, and tactical skills. Thus Leaders influence both movement(the energetic Rupert gets around more than the laconic Derby) and combat. The map depicts all of England and Wales centered around the key counties and towns. Each player maneuvers his forces and attempts to defeat his opponent by controlling his stategically important recruiting areas while at the same time denying the enemy access to his own. A tactical battle system is used to resolve the clash of armies. It is difficult for large forces to annihilate one another; holding the field and securing your supply lines while denying the same to the foe is of supreme importance.

Seven individual campaigns are represented by their own scenarios, each of which can be played easily in an afternoon. The scenarios are historical, the players achieve the victory conditions through performance. The Grand Campaign scenario covers all four years of the war and is the only scenario not capable of being completed in one sitting. While primarily a two player game, team play is certainly possible. For English Civil War miniatures enthusiasts 'The King's War' provides a superb campaign background system for resolving tactical battles.

'The King's War' covers the full range of features characteristic of the war. Rules covering walled towns, fortresses (both major and minor), sieges, regional politics, bad weather, the clubmen, revolts, desertion and recruitment, naval movement, ambuscades, the Self Denying Ordinance, Scottish intervention and more, all combine to make this a superb study of the English Civil War.

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